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We understand that learning a new system sometimes just needs a little help to get going.  No problem. As we are preparing to put as many short instructions online we offer you a small webinar to walk you thru the system. 


Just fill in the form below and we will reach out to you to explain.


Any other questions or remarks can also be sent using the form below.


If you have a great idea for something that would make the system more valuable for you earn a free month for a project of choice, if we implement your idea.  (chances are: we probably will. Happy customers is our main goal).

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

That is correct. We understand you want to view your projects on your phone or watch, quickly seeing what is going on. We are just not there yet.  Phone and watch compatibility is on our “nice to have list”.  We see that 95% of all project managers use  the following devices:

  • ipad / tablet with minimal 10″ screen
  • laptops

Our designs are based on this minimals. 

We probably do. We work with a large network of professionals  organizations who can both remotely or on-site run a project for you, supported by our product.  sent an email to: with you request and role description. We will help you find the right organization for project. Our partners are the best in their field and well known around the world. Let us introduce you to them and together deliver a beautiful service or product. 

Projects started before the 15th day of the subscription will be refunded full . after 15 days we refund 50%.

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