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We understand that learning a new system sometimes just needs a little help to get going.  No problem. As we are preparing to put as many short instructions online we offer you a small webinar to walk you thru the system. 


Just fill in the form below and we will reach out to you to explain.


Any other questions or remarks can also be sent using the form below.


If you have a great idea for something that would make the system more valuable for you earn a free month for a project of choice, if we implement your idea.  (chances are: we probably will. Happy customers is our main goal).

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

No,  We have designed the system with the following full functions in mind;

  • ipad / tablet with minimal 10″ screen
  • laptops

Phone view is limited to some basic functionality at this point. 

Yes, The system is designed to handle multiple projects, a program or a portfolio of projects. In the projects menu you can add projects and programs as you like. Keep in mind, Each project is a separate subscription. There is no limit to the amount of projects, programs or portfolios you can create.

The list of KPIs and information that is covered in the system is over 100. We keep adding KPIs every update.


Initially we start with a base set, but as our customer base is growing, so are the customer satisfaction points we want to satisfy. The process is simple, Sent us a powerpoint or excel version of the report you would like, and we will try to integrate it as soon as possible. Be aware, reports will be made available for every subscriber to  In return we will give you free subscription months.

The initial intension is NOT to make a planning tool, but a tool to unify project fact registrations. A plan is a fact that can be registered and tracked, but currently holds no intelligence behind it. There are other tools much better at that. (for now), we never say never..

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