we use a subscription per project.

The subscriptions include

Project Dashboard

See each project you are managing in its own dashboard in an instance. Switching between projects is as simple as choosing the project in the top bar.

Features & updates

We release updates and features every 2 weeks, so ur always working with the latest release and bug fixes. Propose a great addition and we give you a month for free on the project of choice.

Own cloud

Your subscription lives in your own subdomain. nobody else has access than you and your team. Linking to your own domain is possible. Just reach out.

Own database

each subdomain works in it's own database. Secure and safe. We make a backup every day, for 7 days back.

Real Time

All data is real time updated in the reports. Trending reports are mbaselined per week.


The system provides real time reports as you input and process the information as well as weekly trending reporting. The report starts every u sunday morning.

One plan fits all. Pay per project

Price per project
per month
10 Euro
  • The first project includes the sub-domain
  • subscribe to new projects inside subdomain
  • No limit to the amount of projects
  • Switch between project instantly
  • Enough data storage
  • Fair use user policy
  • Real time reports
  • Cycle based Trend reports