PMO as a service

Everyone who ever ran a project has experienced the same thing:
- Project facts in different Excel sheets and PowerPoints
- These Excel sheets in unreachable places like SharePoint, Project managers hard drives, Dropbox etc,
- Hours and hours spent on creating graphs & reports
- Time wasted setting it all up again and again each project
- Not be able to manage multiple projects due to scattered sources of information
- Meeting minutes unable to find, track or trace
With PMO-ONLINE.COM you have all your project facts in 1 place and your reports always available.

Your benefit: real-time project data, any moment, with just a click of a button and time left to actually manage the project success, supported by the data.

A cloud based PMO service

PMO-ONLINE is a cloud based Project Management tracking & reporting system that will help you quickly collect project facts and represent the data back in a well organised dashboard, weekly reports and committee view slides.  It is an unmissable tool for project managers and PMO’s who are every project again reinventing the wheel in generating excel files and PowerPoint presentations. 

features / reports

With the service we provide a standardized solution for the many excel based Risk, Actions, Issue & Decision logs that are made in all kinds of excel files and spread over laptops and directories.

We added a lot more!
- OKR + Deliverables Planning
- Planned vs Actual reports
- Weekly Report Card
- Committee report Online
- Meeting Minutes System
- Budget Status overview
- Related actions to risks and issues
- Burn-down diagrams
- Time consumption insights
- Excel exports of deliverable overview
And it does not stop there. Every 2 weeks we add new features, items and reports you ask us to build for you. We have added over 100 KPI inside the system.

Stop reinventing the wheel every project again and switch